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SmokeyGone™ Astronaut Projector

SmokeyGone™ Astronaut Projector

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  Immerse Yourself In The Galaxy

Explore The Nebula From Your Room


Easy to use and Travel Size



What Your Order Includes:

- 1x SmokeyGone™ Projector

- 1x User Manual

- 1x USB Cable

- 1x Remote

61 total reviews

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Remote controls for galaxy projectors often offer various customization options such as adjusting the color, brightness, rotation speed, and mode selection. Users can easily personalize their lighting experience to suit their mood or preference without having to interact directly with the projector.


Users can control the galaxy projector from a distance, eliminating the need to get up and manually adjust settings on the device. This convenience is particularly valuable in settings like bedrooms or relaxation spaces where users may want to control the ambiance without disrupting their comfort.

Ease of Use

Galaxy projector remotes are typically designed with user-friendly interfaces, featuring intuitive buttons or touch controls that make navigation and adjustment simple for users of all ages.


With a remote control, users can switch between different projection modes or scenes with ease, allowing them to create different atmospheres or themes in their space without needing to manually adjust settings on the projector itself.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Naomi Schaefer

The product arrived very well, well packaged and in good condition, the shipment was very fast, the seller One hundred percent recommended, excellent service!!

Camilla Davis

In Ukraine M. Lutsk came the deputy for 14 days. all super☺👍! I am very good! I am in the grip! I recommend the seller!

Skye Murray

Got it for my sons room he’s loves the light they work great excellent for the price.

Willy Padberg

We loved it for our daughter's room and the best that the light can be moved wherever you want is small but the light is powerful very happy with the purchase

Maddison Gulgowski

Awesome star and galaxy projector. Very pleased with it.